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               piece  ≫Japanese businessman

MASASHI ACTION MACHINE 'Japanen Businessman'

"Japanese Businessman"

More than 50 years have passed since World War 2.

It was businessmen‘s bodies and souls that made the run-over country after the War an economic power. 

They became wheels of rehabilitating the Japanese economy, and made the country of Japan what it is today.

The policies of Japanese enterprises, which were well-known for lifetime employment and seniority, made the employees take unified action, and produced a massive energy as an organization. 

They, however also brought into being organization men or "worker bees," which had a strong sense of responsibility and postponed their private families to their public families.

For Japan? 
For themselves? 
For their loves? 
Or for someone else?

Again today, each businessman gets up early in the morning, The weight of yesterday's work remaining in his body.

He gets on a full commuter train, and then, for one hour he heads for work with his invincible spirit.

Premiere: Tokyo,1993
Choreographer: Kumiko Sakamoto, Masashi Mishiro
Exact Run Time: 15min
Number of Dancers: 10-13

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