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               piece  ≫HIBIKI 


IBIKI, echo"

This is the piece of performance art with theme of Japanese drum’s sound.
Even the smallest village and town in Japan, have Japanese drums especially in the shrine.
Everybody (young and old, women and men, children and adults) enjoys Japanese drums.

We love the sound of Japanese drums we beat Japanese drums in summer festivals to receive the souls of the deceased and in autumn festivals to celebrate a good harvest, Japanese drums resound everywhere in Japan.

Through beating Japanese drums in these festivals, we invite got of the natural world, we celebrate a good harvest that year, we wish to be in good health and we express our gratitude for God.

We give our mind to beat drums.
Consequently, the sounds of Japanese drums make us concentrate and purify our mind.

The beating of Hibiki changes into wave motion and run up in the sky.
The roar of Hibiki produces a gush of heated blood!
The silence of Hibiki produces mystery of the natural would.

Hibiki changes into the energy in the sky and come down quietly now…

Premiere: Swiss,2004
Choreographer: Kumiko Sakamoto, Masashi Mishiro
Exact Run Time: 10min
Number of Dancers: 9

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