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               piece  ≫Hagoromo



This is a tale from a pine-covered area near the seashore in Miho where Mt. Fuji can be beautifully seen.

Once upon a time, on one warm spring day, a fisherman went out on the beach. There he found a beautiful robe on the branch of pine tree.

He had never seen such a beautiful robe, and he looked around himself, but no one seemed to be around there.

So he thought somebody had left it there and decided to take it home with him. Suddenly, an angel appeared in front of him and said, `It is my robe. Please give it back to me.`

Unfortunately, it made him even more not want to let go of the robe. `I cannot go back to the sky without it.` said the angel and started to cry.

The fisherman began to feel sorry for the angel and said, `If you show me the dance of the celestial world, I will give it back to you.

The angel accepted his offer and danced happily with the robe he gave back to her.
Soon after, other angels came down from the sky and started to dance with her.

It was an unearthly beautiful dance. In the end, the angels went up to the sky dancing slowly and tenderly.

Premiere: Germany,2007
Choreographer: Kumiko Sakamoto, Masashi Mishiro
Exact Run Time: 10min
Number of Dancers: 4

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