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               piece  ≫SISTERS



Light purple sunshine projects on the evening sky each heart of the three beautiful sisters.

The joy and concern of the eldest sister who is a hard working businesswoman.
Although being known as a strong and dependable person, the eldest sister had a little loneliness and emptiness in her mind.

The second sister was a girl who was always looking for her identity what is the aim of her life, what she herself likes to do best, what suits her best, what she should do to find them. 
She could not get such ideas out of her mind.

The confidence and inferiority complex of the youngest sister who lives freely and wildly.
She is in love with a new loner. She is very happy now, but feels a slight uncertainty if their love is a true and genuine one.

Let us have a look in their house at the seaside you can hear the sound of waves and ripples.

Premiere: Switzerland,2001
Choreographer: Kumiko Sakamoto, Masashi Mishiro
Exact Run Time: 10min
Number of Dancers: 2-3

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