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               piece  ≫BENKEI~Ataka-no-Seki~


The theme of this dance piece is the belief of Benkei,whom fights to save his master Yoshitsune's life which he values more than his own life,and Togashi,the head of guard at the Gate of Ataka,who takes compassion,or the heart of Samurai,on Benkei's loyalty to his master. Against his belife,Benkei has to beat up Yoshitsune with an iron bar,but he regrets and cries for what he has done and apologizes to his master. Benkei's great respect and the deoth of loyalty for Yoshitsune can be seen in this scene.Frome a famous historical story,this is a piece showing the Spirit of Samurai,which forms the bottom of Japanese characteristics.

"Bushi-do" is the several morals Japanese value in their culture.
Justice,Courage,Charity,Manners,Sincerity,Honor,and Seif-control.

The three main points in the teaching of Bushi-do are Wisdom,Charity,and Courage.Dignity over knowledge,the Soul over intelligence.These are considered very important.

The pieces Kumiko Sakamoto and Masashi Mishiro create introduce the Samurai Spirit to the world.The spirit that lies at the root of Japanese.
The most crucial point in sublimating the Samurai Spirit into a dance from is the way of representing the finely honed beauty.
Not by adding but subtracting,we pursue this beauty.It is a completely different type of luxury han gorgeousness or adundance.
This is what we call "subtle and profound".

Premiere: Nagoya, 1999
Choreographer: Kumiko Sakamoto, Masashi Mishiro
Exact Run Time: 40min
Number of Dancers: action machine and friends

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